Program Description

The need for leisure time services continues to grow as more individuals move into retirement, increasing concerns for individual and societal health, an increasing senior population, and the recognition of the need for diverse and inclusive recreation programs. Trained personnel in the field of recreation and leisure studies contribute greatly to the variety and quality of the recreational opportunities offered in the United States. The Recreation Leadership curriculum is designed to provide students with a basic foundation in recreation and leisure studies through classroom lectures, experiential activities, and volunteer opportunities within the local community.

The recreation and leisure studies field is broad. Through this program, students will gain a general knowledge of the scope of the field in which recreation and leisure services are provided. Students who intend to transfer after graduation to a four-year college to complete a baccalaureate degree program in recreation will transfer with a strong foundation in leadership, activity planning, and diversity programming. The Recreation Leadership program prepares students to pursue careers in the following areas:

  • Therapeutic recreation includes working with special needs populations. Jobs can be found in the following areas: nursing homes, psychiatric facilities, rehabilitation centers, acute care hospitals, adult day care centers, drug treatment facilities, and disability camps.
  • Commercial recreation is a profit-oriented career field which includes work at theme parks, fitness centers, resorts, private and commercially owned clubs, retirement community complexes, specialty camps and aboard cruise ships.
  • Correctional recreation focuses on work with juvenile offenders and/or prison inmates providing opportunities for healthy recreational outlets and leisure counseling.
  • Outdoor recreation involves leaders who enjoy the outdoors and have a passion for preservation and education in, for, and about the outdoors. Jobs in outdoor recreation can include: park rangers, outdoor leaders and/or nature interpreters at county and state parks, nature centers, camps, outdoor education centers and zoos.
  • Community recreation involves work with people of all age levels in municipal, county, and state parks and recreation departments; youth-serving agencies (YMCA, YWCA, scouts, clubs); and special interest non-profit

The A.S. degree program in Recreation Leadership is open to people of all ages and abilities. The main mission of the recreation leader’s work is assisting individuals to enhance their quality of life through the wise use of leisure time.