Need to register for classes or adjust your schedule for the fall semester? Please call (315) 498-7310 to be added to the call list and an advisor will contact you as soon as they are available. Starting on Monday, August 24th, we will serve students on a first come, first served basis.

If you have a passion for understanding the natural world and using your critical-thinking skills to build and create and to solve problems, the School of Math, Science & Engineering is the perfect place for you. Our enthusiastic, knowledgeable faculty are ready to help you continue your education beyond the associate degree or to head directly into the workforce. The School of Math, Science, & Engineering will provide you with the necessary STEM foundation to make your transition a success. 


Check out these available programs in the School of Math, Science & Engineering:

View each degree page to learn more about classes you'll take, check out a short intro video, and see where an OCC degree can take you.

Your Academic Home Base

If you've got questions about your School of Math, Science & Engineering program, we want to answer them. We'll be your go-to for all things concerning your academics.


Have questions about transferring? Want to switch your degree or just trying to plan for next semester? All your advising needs are met here:

  • Transfer assistance
  • Course registration
  • Add/drop/withdrawal
  • Program change
  • Graduation questions

Due to social distancing restrictions, we are currently not offering in-person appointments! All appointments will be conducted via Zoom or Teams. 

Meet with a Success Coach

We're focused on helping you fulfill your potential, both academically and personally. Book a one-on-one session with a Success Coach to talk about:

  • Resources on campus like the Learning Center, Community Care Hub, and more
  • Time management strategies
  • Managing responsibilities and decision-making
  • Study skills and habits
Main Support Contacts
Role Name & Email Office Phone
School Secretary Elaina Dooley F262 (315) 498-7310
School Secretary Kathleen Rinaldi M210 (315) 498-2328
Faculty School Specialist Justin Fiene F262B (315) 498-2408
Advisor Dean Tzivanis F262C (315) 498-2573
Success Coach  Mike Borsz  F262 (315) 498-2532





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