Good Student? Want To Be Better?

When you come to the Onondaga campus, you’re never alone. There are plenty of resources that will help you sharpen your skills and gain an academic edge.

Tutoring: The Content Tutoring Center provides comprehensive, subject-specific tutoring in small-group or individual sessions for a variety of courses. 

Skill Development Centers: At the Mathematics Diagnostic Center, the Mathematics Lab, the Study Skills Center and the Writing Skills Center, trained professionals can help improve your math and reading skills, develop better study strategies and sharpen your writing abilities.

NightWriter is part of the Writing Skills Center and is an online resource that you can access from home. You submit your writing assignments and then receive feedback and recommendations for improvement.

All of these services are free and open to all Onondaga students. So whether you’re a “B” student trying to get an “A”, or just need a little help mastering geometry, take advantage of these resources to help you gain the academic edge.