It's Easy Being Green

…Just ask Onondaga alumnus Boise Thomas. He graduated in 1990 with a degree in Electronic Media Communications (EMC) and now he’s appearing on the new environmental lifestyle show called Alter Eco on the Discovery Channel’s new eco-focused channel Planet Green.

Boise is originally from Cortland, NY and he says that he came to Onondaga with a love of video production – but he had no idea how to make it into a career. He credits Professor Tony Vadala with being his mentor and pointing him in all the right directions. On a recent trip back to Syracuse (he and his wife live in Southern California), Boise met up with Professor Vadala and the two reminisced about old times in the EMC program – and how life has changed on the Onondaga campus.

Boise: “Tony’s greatest piece of advice to me was to make myself invaluable.”
And nearly 20 years later, that same advice holds true.

Tony Vadala: “I tell all my students that they should try to find a vacuum and then fill it. Find where there’s a need. Get an internship. Try everything until you find something that you love and then point your talents in that direction.”

Boise: “I really found myself by coming to Onondaga. I was a “C” student at Cortland High School. I knew I loved video production, but it wasn’t until I took some classes here, with Tony Vadala, that I really discovered that my talents were in this industry.”

Boise: “It might sound corny, but I really feel like I got my life here. I am huge fan of Onondaga. Not because it’s affordable. Or because it’s convenient. But because it’s a GREAT college. I truly believe that. I would never have had such amazing life experiences, if I hadn’t started at Onondaga.”

Catch up with Boise on Planet Green, channel 125 in Syracuse.