An Alumna Who Doesn't Miss a Beat

brainardAs a home-schooled student born and raised in Syracuse, Stephanie Dawes Brainard ’08 knew she wanted to study music. She’s now a musician with the U.S. Navy Band Northwest in Seattle, WA, and she can’t say enough positive things about the music program at Onondaga.

“When I was ready for college, I didn’t look anyplace else – Onondaga has a really great music program,” she says. “Why would I want to go to another school and be taught by undergrads who are still learning their craft when I could go to Onondaga and learn from professors who have advanced degrees and are masters at what they do?”

She also says that choosing to come to Onondaga helped her save on college loans, which was also a major reason for her decision to enlist in the U.S. Navy. Brainard is enlisted for five years with plans to further her education.

“There are definitely opportunities while I’m in the Navy,” she says.

Eventually, Stephanie says she’d like to go to a conservatory or perhaps teach at the college level.