Campus Entrance Signs Enhance Communication

Monument SignThis fall, Onondaga Community College welcomed its largest enrollment in its nearly half-century of service to the community – more than 12,000 credit students.  Perhaps less well known is the fact that throughout the year more than 10,000 additional students enroll in continuing education classes, and more than 60,000 visitors attend community and campus events at Onondaga.  As a college that prides itself on accommodating students and visitors alike – including busy, working adults – it's imperative that Onondaga provide effective signage to assist individuals in getting to their campus destination as quickly and easily as possible.  This was the primary goal in deciding how best to replace the crumbling concrete entrance signs of the 1970s. 

Beautiful new granite entrance signs, complete with full-motion LED (light emitting diode) panels, now welcome and provide critical information to the many thousands of community members who travel to Onondaga Community College each year.  These entrance signs at both the Seneca Turnpike (Rte. 175) and Onondaga Road (Rte. 173) entrances are the culmination of a five-year, comprehensive signage replacement plan designed to vastly improve campus wayfinding and communication.  This initiative has greatly enhanced the ability of students and visitors alike to efficiently navigate their way around the 280-acre campus and avail themselves of the many programs and services the College offers.

Communication is key.  The two LED boards at the main entrance are fully operational now, and the third board at the north entrance will be completely installed within the next few weeks. The LED signs impart campus news, registration information, athletic events, parking lot and traffic details, campus emergency and closing information, representing enormous communications value to the College and those who seek it out for a multitude of reasons. Comparable costs for billboards coupled with increasing traffic flows on West Seneca Turnpike and Onondaga Road mean that the new signs will pay for themselves in about 10 years. 

The project was managed by a local firm, Lake Architectural in Marcellus.