2012 John F.X. Mannion Lecture Series

The John F.X. Mannion Lecture Series at Onondaga continues in 2012 with presentations by esteemed individuals in both the campus and greater community. The series was created by Onondaga Professor Mark Muhammad and incorporated into his course, Communication @ Work, to bridge gaps that exist between the study and the actual practice of communication at Onondaga Community College. In the “Series,” leaders from a variety of fields will discuss communication as it relates to their workplace, expertise or areas of concern.

All members of the campus community and the Central New York community are invited to attend. These presentations take place every Tuesday through May 1, 2012 from 12:30 - 1:45 p.m. in Mawhinney 245. 

Communicating in Writing - March 20
Speaker: Lieutenant Keith Muhammad, Fire Marshall, Syracuse Fire Department
Learn how to write well, edit/proof, use word-processing tools, and send information electronically.

Working Directly with People - March 27
Speaker: Amatullah Yamini, Senior Management Analyst, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development - NY
Focusing on building good relationships, working in teams, and teaching others.

Influencing People - April 3
Speaker: Beth Broadway, Executive Director, InterFaith Works of CNY
Discover how to manage efficiently, sell successfully, politic wisely, and lead effectively.

Gathering Information - April 10
Speaker: Pauline Shostack, Electronic Resource Librarian, Onondaga Community College
Learn about using library holdings, using commercial databases, searching the web, conducting interviews, using surveys, and keeping/using records.

Using Quantitative Tools - April 17
Speaker: Jordan Eberle, Vice President, Grants and Community Initiatives, Central New York Community Foundation
A presentation on using numbers, using graphs/tables, and using spreadsheet programs.

Asking and Answering the Right Questions - April 24
Speaker: Khalid Bey, Common Councilor, City of Syracuse
How to pay attention to detail, apply knowledge, and evaluate actions/policies.

Solving Problems - May 1
Speaker: Jack Webb, President, Alliance Bank
Learn how to identify problems, develop solutions, and launch solutions.

Wrap Up and Closing Ceremony - May 8