UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute

The UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute presents "Modern Fire Challenges & Tactical Considerations for Fire Department Operations" on Saturday, May 10 from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. in Storer Auditorium. Robin Zevotek, P.E., Research Engineer, UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute, will present.

The residential fire environment is changing. Over the past 50 years, materials found in residential structures have evolved from mostly natural fibers to almost all synthetic materials. The heat release rate of these materials yield much different compartment fire dynamics than taught in today’s fire service training manuals. This hazard is compounded by changing building construction at rates which exceed the ability of codes and standards to keep up. In an effort to reduce this hazard, groups like NIST and UL are conducting research to develop tactical considerations for today’s fire service. After conducting almost 100 test burns, these considerations provide tools for firefighters to address the changing environment they face on today’s fire ground. Understanding how things such as ventilation, compartmentation, construction practices, and staffing affect your incident action plan gives the best chance for success. After an overview of the changes in today’s fire environment, Robin will discuss tactical considerations for controlling the flow path, softening the target, reading the smoke, pushing fire, and water application, all with examples from the most recent research results.