Onondaga Participates in Culinary Beef Tour & Competition

Culinary Beef Tour

Chef Eric Rose and three Onondaga Hospitality Management Students are taking part in the Culinary Beef Tour and Competition on April 10 and 11 in Canandaigua, New York. The students are Anthony Pernisi (West Genesee), Tom Hooker (East Syracuse Minoa), and Jullen Merrill (East Syracuse Minoa). Onondaga will be competing against five other schools for scholarships totaling $2,000.

Each team will be given two hours to turn a beef ribeye into an appetizer and an entrée. Students will be required to create one beauty plate and five tasting plates for the judges. Teams will also be asked to make 12 servings of each recipe to be divided and shared with fellow contestants.

The contest also requires students to learn the marketing side of hospitality management. They will have to name their recipes and print them out for customers, and utilize Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to post their “special of the week.” A panel of judges will evaluate student presentations.

The competition has special meaning for one of Onondaga’s students, Anthony Pernisi. “I want to win because one of the schools we will be competing against is Paul Smith’s College, and I am transferring there in the fall. It’s important to me to show them what we can do!”

This is the first year of the Culinary Beef Tour and Competition. The event includes a tour of Tamberlane Farms in Canandaigua on Thursday, followed by the competition on Friday. The event is sponsored by the New York Beef Council.