What’s it Really Like in the Res Halls?

by Marisa Porter, Class of 2010, general studies and psychology major.

So, you’re thinking about Onondaga as a future plan, and you’re curious about residence life? Let me tell you all about it!  There are three beautiful residence halls on campus and in each residence hall, there are suites where the students live - 6 girls or 6 guys live in each suite. The halls are co-ed, which adds to the fun!

Now, when I was packing at home to come to school here, I packed most of what I needed. But, I did forget some small things.  Don’t forget things like: a vacuum or dust buster, cleaning supplies (you will be cleaning your own bathrooms!!), egg crates to make sleeping even better, kitchen utensils such as a can opener, large spoon, baking dishes, etc., and don’t forget an iron (mainly for the girls)!

Let me just tell you quickly about welcome weekend...on move-in day, I saw people in every direction wearing Onondaga t-shirts, ready to help. The traffic directors sent ten cars per building at a time to unload. You, the student, have the easiest job! All you do is go inside and speak to your RA (resident assistant), located at a table in the front lobby, to receive your keys to your mailbox, suite, and bedroom.

Now, to life on campus. You are free to go in and out of other friends suites, no matter the gender (assuming they want you there!), at anytime through the day/night.  There are lots of clubs and activities on campus. Many take place at night in the residence hall’s lounge area. An RA can answer any questions about the activities for the year, so make sure you get to know your RA! –