What You Need to Know About Withdrawals at OCC and Beyond

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The deadline to withdraw from a class is this Friday, November 22nd at 6 p.m. When you withdraw from a class before the drop date of September 15th, it means that a "W" will appear on your transcript for your course. But what the heck does that mean?!? 

Withdrawing from a course can help to avoid a negative impact on your GPA, but it should only be used as a stopgap measure. Here are some things to think about before deciding to withdraw before Friday's deadline. 

Withdrawing Can Affect My Financial Aid 

The truth is that withdrawals can have a negative impact on your financial aid. You are required to maintain good grades to continue getting aid and withdrawals may lessen your financial aid for the current semester or disqualify you from aid in future semesters. Before withdrawing from a class, check with your advisor and visit our financial aid service center so you understand how this might affect you! Don't know your advisor? Login to Webadvisor to Find My Advisor Contact Info 

    It Could Also Make Transferring Harder 

    This part is not an exact science. What our transfer advisors do know is that sometimes transfer schools look down on withdrawals. Too many grades of W can indicate to a transfer school that you don't complete your coursework.