Apprentice Training: Electrical A.A.S.

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Want a career in energy? Start here. 

If you want to work as an electrician or electrical engineer, this is a great place to start.  Plus, if you're already in an electrical apprentice program, it could be worth up to 20 credits toward your A.A.S. degree.

What You'll Learn

As an apprentice in training, you'll learn the key theories behind digital electronics and circuitry. You'll also learn the practical skills needed to assist in the installation of switches, receptacles, wiring, connections, and conductors. You can choose from occupation-related electives such as electrical, mechanical technology, business, and computer science courses to complement your studies.

Student studying to be an electrician

What It's Like

You'll get hands-on experience in four labs, including circuits, computer, PLC, and full power technology laboratories. 

An OCC student interested in science

Where You'll Go

Adding a college degree to your apprenticeship can open the door to control work, industrial power technology, and engineering technology opportunities, including transfer to a bachelor's program in electrical engineering technology.