Fall 2021 Registration

Students need to see a Professional Advisor in order to create their schedule and get registered for classes. If you need an appointment and there are none available in the link below, please contact Kathleen Rinaldi from the School of Business at 315-498-2435.

Advising & Registration Appointments

We will prepare you for the needs of modern businesses. Our professors bring real-life experiences into the classroom and utilize their unique skills and certifications to ready you for the next step – graduation and career or transfer to a four-year school. 


Check out these available programs in the School of Business to learn more about classes you'll take, check out a short intro video, and see where an OCC degree can take you.   

Academic Advising

  • Transfer assistance
  • Course registration
  • Add/drop/withdrawal
  • Program change
  • Graduation questions

Success Coaches help in other ways

A Success Coach will work with you on-on-one to provide helpful tools to assist you in balancing your academic and personal life. They can serve as a compass to help you navigate your OCC experience!

Want to connect with someone about your educational experience?  Feeling overwhelmed attempting to balance your academic and personal commitments?

  • Connect with campus resources like the Learning Center, Community Care Hub, and more
  • Improve your time management
  • Develop good study skills and habits
  • Please be aware that the Success Coach will not be able to provide help with class registration or schedule adjustments.

Schedule an Appointment with our Success Coach

Need help with Financial Aid?

Our Financial Aid office is ready for you.

Our Support Team

Main Support Contacts
Role Name & Email Office Phone
School Secretary Kathleen Rinaldi W324 (315) 498-2435
School Specialist Meiping Zheng W331 (315) 498-2795
Advisor Michele Carey W324 (315) 498-2109
Success Coach Maria Malagisi W325 (315) 498-7207
Department Chair James Taylor G104 (315) 498-2712
Career & Transfer Advisor Carlos Roldan W329 (315)498-2118


Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.