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What's WebAdvisor?

WebAdvisor provides students and employees with secured access to common transactions and administrative information using the web.  Register for Classes, Check your Schedule, Check your Financial Aid, View your Grades - and more.  You do not have to be on campus to use WebAdvisor - all you need is an Internet connection.

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  • Your WebAdvisor User Name is the same as the User Name you use to sign into the College Network.  Be sure to use all lower case letters.
  • If the college created and sent you your User Name, then the initial password is your college ID number.  The college ID number is seven digits and includes the leading zero. 
  • Passwords may be changed at any time via the Central Authentication Service.
  • Password must be at least 8 characters and must contain one lowercase letter, one upper case letter, and one number.
  • Passwords should not contain any portion of your name and should be unique.
  • Please avoid using any of the following special characters in your password as these symbols can cause difficulty when you log into Colleague or WebAdvisor. 
    • " double quotes
    • < less than
    • @ at sign
    • & ampersand
    • + plus sign  

Who can I contact?

Student Central

Email occinfo@sunyocc.edu 
Phone (315) 498-2000
Location Lobby of Gordon Student Center

The Helpdesk

Email helpdesk@sunyocc.edu 
Phone (315) 498-2999
Location Coulter Library, Room 240