Hyflex Classes

Hyflex classes have an on-campus, face-to-face component. Students will attend class in-person on a rotational basis on some days and participate remotely in class sessions on other days. Here are your step by step instructions to check which day you should be attending classes via Blackboard. 

Step 1 

Login to Blackboard

Click on “OCC Blackboard Login”, and use your OCC username and password. For help with your account, please contact the OCC Helpdesk at (315) 498-2999.

Screenshot of the Blackboard login page with an arrow pointing towards the spot that says "Blackboard login"

Step 2 

Click on the Link for Your Course 

Your courses will appear on the left side of your screen, grouped by Semester/Term.

Screenshot of Blackboard Class Screen with an arrow pointing towards the left side of the screen where classes are located.

Step 3  

Reference the Navigation Menu on the Left Side to See the Group to Which You've Been Assigned 

If you have questions or concerns about the day of the week and/or time you have been assigned to, please contact your instructor directly. All professor emails can be found in the Blackboard course. 

Screenshot of the Blackboard Navigation Menu. Under "Mr Groups" is where the day is listed for students to come to campus.