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Electrical Apprenticeship is a time-tested method used to train a worker who eventually becomes a professional electrician. Ask any skilled electrician, and they will tell you that being an apprentice is a right-of-passage, filled with tradition. If you're in a state-approved apprentice or journeyman program*, our A.A.S. degree can increase your career opportunities and give you the option to transfer into a four-year degree program. Your apprentice or journeyman status is also worth up to 20 credits toward your A.A.S. degree.

What you'll learn:

With advancements in technology driving increasingly complex installation techniques, wiring, safety and repair, the modern electrician has become more respected than ever. As an apprentice in training, you'll learn the key theories behind digital electronics and circuitry. You'll also learn the practical skills needed to assist in the installation of switches, receptacles, wiring, connections, conductors and more. You can choose from occupation-related electives such as electrical, mechanical technology, and business and computer science courses to complement your studies.

What it's like:

Students find the synergy between their apprenticeships and coursework a great way to learn. You'll get hands-on experience in four labs, including circuits, computer, PLC, and full power technology laboratories.

Where it can take you:

Adding a college degree to your apprenticeship can open the door to control work, industrial power technology, and engineering technology opportunities, including transfer to a bachelor's program in electrical engineering technology.

You're on:

"Taking this program made total sense. I got my college degree and completed my apprenticeship at the same time."

*To be accepted, applicants must provide proof of their apprenticeship status from their union or employer. This program does not provide trade electrical training. If you're interested in becoming an electrician, contact the IBEW Local No. 43.