Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) provides students with opportunities for governance while developing leadership skills and serving the needs of the student body. Elected student officers and professional staff collaborate with students, faculty, staff and administration to identify and deliver programming and services that reflect the needs and preferences of the student body.

General Assembly Meetings

General Assembly Meetings are open to all students. They are held to inform students about upcoming events, proposed initiatives and activities sponsored by the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement and/or SGA.  Meetings provide a forum for standing committee reports, club and organization updates, and issues brought forth by students.  All students are encouraged to attend and will have the opportunity to vote on various items during each meeting (when necessary).

Entertainment and Programming Board (EPB)

Assists in planning and sponsoring both social and educational events throughout the year including Fall and Spring Party On The Quad.  In addition, an EPB member is selected to serve on the Arts Across Campus Committee, a group charged with providing a broad spectrum of cultural and educational events throughout the academic year.

Campus Funding Committee (CFC)

Responsible for the requests and allocations of additional funds to clubs/organizations in support of club trips, projects, speakers, etc. 

Media Committee

Concerned with publicizing and promoting SGA initiatives, activities and events. Members of this committee work to identify and effectively advertise events sponsored by SGA and its standing committees and clubs and organizations. Onondaga students interested in marketing, communications, graphic design and electronic media communications are encouraged to serve on this committee.

SGA Elections

Elections for open SGA positions are held in mid-Spring and all activity fee paying students are eligible to vote in elections.  If you are interested in running for a position for the 2019-2020 Academic Year, please contact the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement

Elected SGA Positions:

  • President
  • Vice President; Clubs and Organizations
  • Vice President; Entertainment and Programming
  • Vice President; Media
  • Representative to the OCCA Board (2 positions)
  • Representative to the OCC Board of Trustees
    • The governing boards or councils of all units of the State University of New York include a student as a voting member. The College has had a student representative on its Board of Trustees since 1973. Elected by the student body, the representative attends Board meetings, serves on Board committees and votes on all Board matters. The student representative serves as a liaison between students and the College’s governing body

Appointed Senator At-Large Positions (ongoing)

Student Government Association and the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement will determine targeted areas/constituencies where a representative from SGA may be needed to serve as a liaison between said student body and the SGA. 

These representatives will be known as Senators At-Large and they will advocate for their respective constituency.  Some of these constituencies may include: residential students, commuter students, [email protected], safety/security, first year students, service learning, diversity, and academic areas.

If you are interested in a Senator At-Large position, or would like to nominate someone, please contact the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement