National Writing Project Institute

National Writing Project (NWP) Institute

Every year National Writing Project instructors lead programs where teachers across the nation learn how to help youth research and form arguments, expand their learning beyond the classroom walls, and publish their writing about topics that matter to them.

Developing Leadership

Our core work is to identify and support great teacher-leaders. Leadership institutes, such as the CNY Writers Project, bring together experienced teachers of different grade levels and disciplines inviting them to share successful practice, develop an inquiry-based approach to educational challenges, and innovate and test new ideas.

Program Outcomes

I. Build a Foundation in Composition and Rhetoric

Many of the shifting Next Generation learning standards are centered around writing across the curriculum. At its core, this charge recognizes the importance of audience and purpose in building student’s voice. An understanding of rhetorical theory provides a vocabulary and a toolbox for expanding students’ ability to effectively communicate ideas to diverse audiences.

II. Writing Across the Disciplines

Participants will explore the ways that students can use writing as a way of learning, exploring, and synthesizing ideas in a variety of modalities across a broad spectrum of courses and genres. This practice helps to de-silo course content and build a more holistic understanding of the world.

III. Trauma Informed Pedagogy

Participants will explore how to interact and teach students who come to the classroom with a complex emotional burden. We will discuss ACE scores and review literature that informs how writing can help to validate students lived experiences.

2021 NWP Institute Details 

Information on location, dates, cost and application requirements will be posted once finalized. 


  • Accumulate the equivalent of 76 hours of high-quality CTLE Sponsored Professional Development
  • Earn certification as an NWP Consultant and represent NWP and lead professional development in your home district
  • Gain necessary credentials to teach OCC College Credit Now (CCN) English courses
  • Access to national and regional online professional learning communities
  • Share pedagogical beliefs and collaboration opportunities with local K-12 and higher education colleagues
  • Develop and share your own writing
  • Learn and practice concrete teaching strategies to improve as teachers of writing and writers