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Let's Talk About Rays & Grades

This year was pretty tough, but college is right around the corner. Get ready with OCC's college prep program!  Experience a week designed for any college-bound student or any student thinking about college for fall 2021, as well as any rising high school juniors and seniors who want to jumpstart their "college knowledge."  You'll be able to hang out with your friends in the summer sun and experience a crash course that will have you college-ready for the fall. 

This completely free program includes your meals and materials you might need. We'll help you square up your academic skills, de-code common "College-Speak" phrases, and explore college topics.

What We'll Cover

Let's talk about the topics that are on everyone's mind: financial aid, career exploration, and how to navigate a degree.

You'll be meeting with advisors, learning how to build a class schedule and figuring out what degree is best for your goals. Our success coaches will teach you how to get in contact with support services like tutoring, and how to use important tech like your email and Blackboard. Pepper in some math and writing sessions to get you ready for your intro classes and that's our program! No matter what college you attend, this valuable information can be used anywhere. 

If you've got a plan (don't worry if you aren't sure yet!), feel free to sign up for the week that focuses on your program. That way your experience will be more customized, and you'll meet fellow students with your interests.

Not sure what school your degree program falls under? Just curious about what we offer? Check out our 8 academic schools.

8 Schools of OCC

Don't feel stressed if you aren't there yet, we still have plenty of general programming that can help you out. 

Here's how your week will go...

If you pick the morning session:
Time Activity
9-9:30 Welcome & Morning Activity
9:45-10:45 Academic Bridge Session (English or Math)
11-11:45 Prep for Success Topic of the Day
12-1 College 101 with Lunch


If you pick the evening session:
Time Activity
5-5:30 Dinner
5:30-6:15 Welcome & Evening Activity
6:15-7 Academic Bridge Session (English or Math)
7:15-8 Prep for Success Topic of the Day
8:15-9 College 101


Meet with professors who will chat with you on what college classes are like and how to land a great GPA.


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Pick your week.
  2. Pick your school.
  3. Pick the time that works best for you!
Week 1
July 12-16


Week 2
July 19-23
Week 3
July 26-30
Week 4
August 2-6
Got questions? Send an email to [email protected] or call (315) 498-2150.
Want to know what life will be like at OCC this fall? We've got you.