Welcome, Alumni!

Russ Corbin


As the Assistant Director of Alumni Communications, I look forward to serving and re-engaging with Onondaga alumni who have made their mark in a variety of professions, including health sciences, communications, education, business, non-profits, and industry. Onondaga is proud of its more than 40,000 alumni, many of whom remain in the CNY area to live, work, and raise families. Your accomplishments make you a valuable role model for our current students, who look to our graduates as a source of encouragement and a symbol of success.

The college has evolved from its origins at Midtown Plaza to our current location on Onondaga Hill, and we want to keep you informed on the latest campus news and events.

We want you to keep us updated on your recent accomplishments as well!  To update your contact information visit sunyocc.edu/alumni where you will also have access to upcoming event listings, career services assistance, job postings and connect with fellow alumni via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Russ Corbin 
Assistant Director of Alumni Communications & Institutional Events 
Ph: (315) 498-2831 
Email: [email protected]