OCC Campus Map

A - SRC Arena & Allyn Hall

Headquarters for OCC’s 17 Lazers’ athletics programs, SRC Arena and box office, Allyn Hall Gymnasium, Otis Suite, Physical Education & Exercise Science Studies classrooms. SRC Arena opened in 2011 and is LEED Gold certified. 

BN - Barnes & Noble Bookstore

Home of the nation’s first-ever Box of Books program at a public college which cut student textbook costs in half. Bookstore is located inside the Whitney Applied Technology Center

C - Coulter Hall and Library

Along with a three-floor library, services in Coulter Hall include: Academic Computing Center and Helpdesk, Café, Career & Transfer Services, Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (C-STEP), Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR), PTK Honor SocietyThe Lillian Slutzker Honors CollegeTesting Services, Veterans’ Affairs, and second floor bridge to Mawhinney Hall. 

F - Ferrante Hall

Classrooms for the Arts, Health professions and Sciences along with Children’s Learning Center.

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FBC - Furnace Brook Center

A hands-on classroom for smart technology in the home and workplace. 

G - Gordon Student Center

Student Central services including Admissions, Counseling, Financial Aid, Registration and Records, Student Accounts, and Student Onboarding. Also, Bistro, Cafeteria, Community Care Hub, Great Room, International Student Services, Lazer Lounge, Lazer Welcome Center, Learning Center tutoring facility, Student Orientation, Leadership, and Engagement, Residence Life, and Starbucks. Also, Hospitality Management classrooms, Bechamel retail store, and Stonewall restaurant. 

JSC - J. Stanley Coyne Hall

Human Resources and other offices which serve College employees.


M - Mawhinney Hall

Students take classes there in American Sign Language, Communication Studies, Criminal Justice, English, General Studies, Human Services and Teacher Education, Mathematics, Social Sciences and World Languages. Also, the “Fishbowl” lounge area and café, and Career Closet. 

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P - Academic II

Recital Hall, Music classrooms and rehearsal rooms, indoor walkway across the gorge. Building opened in 2013 and is LEED Gold certified. 

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R - John H. Mulroy Hall

Small Business Development Center (SBDC), OCC Foundation, Office of Student Recruitment, St. John Fisher College, Keuka College. 


S - Service and Maintenance Building

Headquarters for Campus Safety and Security, Public Safety Training Center


ST - Storer Auditorium/Ann Felton Multicultural Center/Gallery

330-seat Storer Auditorium sits directly above The Gallery at the Ann Felton Multicultural Center. All are attached to Ferrante Hall


W - Whitney Applied Technology Center

Classrooms for Architectural Technology, Automotive Technology, Business Administration, Computer Studies, Electrical Technology, Electronic Media Communications, Mechanical Technology, Nuclear Technology, and the P-TECH program. Also includes computer labs, the Whitney Atrium, and office of the President, Provost, and Deans. 

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Y - Southwest YMCA

Students receive free membership with valid Lazer ID card. Located under the same roof as the SRC Arena and the Allyn Hall Gymnasium.

Building Gender-Inclusive Restrooms

Allyn Hall 

A 282A 
Coulter Library  3rd Floor Across from Elevators – (Both Sides) 
Coyne Hall 

Near JSC107, Near JSC213 

Ferrante Hall 

F 101, F 285, F 122 

Mawhinney Hall 

M101, M193, M201, M293, M301,M393 

Residence Halls 

A109, B109, C109 

Shapiro Hall 

H111, H141, H211, H241, H311,H341, H411, H441 

Service & Maintenance  Near S111B 
SRC Arena – Otis Suite 

A210A, A210B 

Whitney (ATC)  W175
Building Wheelchair-Accessible Restrooms: Men Wheelchair-Accessible Restrooms: Women Wheelchair-Accessible Restrooms: Unisex
Academic II P102, P121, P244  P101, P122, P243   

Allyn Hall 

Coulter Library 

C206, C101 

C201, C104   
Coyne Hall 



Ferrante Hall 

F365, F265, F193A, F160 

F354, F254, F191B, F150  F285 
Gordon Student Center G113, G226  G111, G224   
J. Stanley Coyne Building  J209, J211, J111  J207, J205, J105  J109 
Mawhinney Hall  M371, M319, M271, M219, M170, M119  M362, M330, M262, M230, M162, M130  M393A, M301A, M293A, M201A, M193A, M101A
Mulroy Hall R117, R217, R317, R417  R119, R219, R319, R419   

Residence Halls 


  A109, B107 and 109, C109, H-3111, 141, 211, 241, 311, 341, 411, 441 
Shapiro Hall       
Service & Maintenance  S120  S118  S111A 
SRC Arena – Otis Suite  A224, A124, A104, A126  A222, A122, A105, A108  A210A, A210B 
Whitney (ATC)  W126, W109, W223, W202A, W339, W302  W128, W111, W202B, W225, W304, W341  W174A, W174B 


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