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Name Job Title Department Room Location Phone Email
Abbatiello, Laura Academic Technology Specialist Library C207 315-498-7215 l.j.abbatiello@sunyocc.edu
Abrams, Wanda Adjunct Faculty Library abramsw@sunyocc.edu
Acee, Dana Dir of Career & Transfer S Career Center G227 315-498-2494 d.f.acee@sunyocc.edu
Adamo, Joseph Adjunct Faculty Business, Economics, & Hospita adamoj@sunyocc.edu
Albani, Jerome Adjunct Faculty Mathematics albanij@sunyocc.edu
Aldrich, Daniel Campus Security Officer Safety & Security S127 315-498-2478 aldrichd@sunyocc.edu
Aldrich, Stephanie Asst Vice President Finance Financial Services JSC200 315-498-2265 aldrichs@sunyocc.edu
Alexander, Jenna Director of Student Coaching a Student Coach & Advising Netwo G220E 315-498-2296 j.r.alexander2@sunyocc.edu
Allen, Dawn Custodial Worker I Custodial S104C 315-498-2209 d.m.allen8586@sunyocc.edu
Allen, Erica Assistant Director Counseling Counseling G230Q 315-498-2479 e.s.allen2@sunyocc.edu
Allen, Theresa Adjunct Faculty Mathematics allent@sunyocc.edu
Allen, Wendy Acting Dir Student Recruitme Recruitment R200D 315-498-2860 allenw@sunyocc.edu
Altman, Christopher Assistant Professor English, ILS, & Communication M308A 315-498-2799 altmanc@sunyocc.edu
Altman, Megan Adjunct Faculty English, ILS, & Communication m.altman2@sunyocc.edu
Amidon, Kimberly Adjunct Faculty World Languages amidonk@sunyocc.edu
Amodio, Michele Technical Specialist Recruitment R200 315-498-2989 m.c.amodio@sunyocc.edu
Ancillotti, Donna College for Living Coord College for Living JSC218 315-498-6006 ancillod@sunyocc.edu
Anderson, Jonathan Adjunct Faculty Public Safety Institute andersoj@sunyocc.edu
Angiolillo, Domenick Technical Assistant Student Central G240 315-498-7284 d.a.angiolillo@sunyocc.edu
Ansteth, Nancy Senior Advisor SBDC Small Business Dev Center R425A 315-498-6076 anstethn@sunyocc.edu
Arcuri, Cynthia Associate Professor Nursing F111 315-498-6013 c.a.arcuri@sunyocc.edu
Asbie-White, Sherrie Assistant Director of Advising Student Coach & Advising Netwo M310C 315-498-2786 s.n.asbie-white@sunyocc.edu
Asmolik, Michael Adjunct Faculty Public Safety Institute asmolikm@sunyocc.edu
Assmann, Christina Adjunct Faculty Architectural Technology c.assmann@sunyocc.edu
Aubin, Daniel Software Systems Administrator Information Tech Services S112 315-498-2991 d.k.aubin@sunyocc.edu
Aungier, Jesse Maintenance Helper Facilities A193 315-498-2384 j.j.aungier@sunyocc.edu
Austin, Lorraine Assistant Professor Ppt Art, Design, Media & Music F164 315-498-2101 austinl@sunyocc.edu
Awuah, Agatha Vice President Inst Plan, Assess & Research JSC212 315-498-2500 awuaha@sunyocc.edu
Backus, Nannette Adjunct Faculty Health Information Technology n.s.backus@sunyocc.edu
Bahns, Megan Director of Student Support Se Student Coach & Advising Netwo C209 315-498-7223 bahnsm@sunyocc.edu