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Name Job Title Department Room Location Phone Email
Bakeman, Joanne Adjunct Faculty Human Services/Teacher Ed M296 315-498-2341
Baker, Nathan Adjunct Faculty Fire Protection Technology
Baker, Todd Enterprise Network Administrat Information Tech Services S112 315-498-2979
Baran, Michele Senior Business Advisor Small Business Dev Center
Barney, Debra Assis. Dir. Career & Trans Career Center M280B 315-498-2793
Barstow, Jacqueline Coordinator of PTK Honors Honors & PTK Program C204 315-498-2490
Bartowski, Emily Events Specialist Advancement Communications A201B 315-498-2289
Bauer, Scott Adjunct Faculty Applied Engineering Technology
Baum, Carol Adjunct Faculty Mathematics
Bazydlo, Bonnie Adjunct Faculty Lifelong Learning
Bechtold, Thomas Adjunct Faculty Social Sci, History & Philos
Beckley, Ryan Adjunct Faculty Automotive Technology W176 315-498-7200
Bellows, Jillian Adjunct Faculty Biology
Benati, Christina Adjunct Faculty Nursing
Benetti, Robert Adjunct Faculty Hospitality Management
Bennett, Monica Coord Enroll Manag & User Ex Enrollment Management G220 315-498-2771
Bennett, Richard Custodial Worker I Custodial S104C 315-498-2099
Benzing, James Adjunct Faculty Fire Protection Technology
Berg, Mary Professor Nursing F116 315-498-2362
Bice, Carolyn Associate Professor English, ILS, & Communication W311 315-498-2683
Birnkrant, Sharon Adjunct Faculty Liberty Partnership
Bixby, Heather Adjunct Faculty English, ILS, & Communication
Blakes, Keyshawn Dir. Justice & Diversity Office for Social Justice C110D 315-498-2361
Blinn, William IT Systems Analyst Information Tech Services C205 315-498-2678
Bloeser, John Professor of Practice Applied Engineering Technology
Boldt, Allison Adjunct Faculty English, ILS, & Communication
Bolton, Michael Custodial Worker I Custodial
Borncamp, Christopher Adjunct Faculty English, ILS, & Communication
Borsz, Michael Director Athletic Director A101 315-498-2097
Bosak, Zoriana Adjunct Faculty Nursing