Arts Across Campus

Who we are

Through gallery exhibits, concerts, lectures, and performances, Arts Across Campus seeks to enhance student knowledge of diverse creativity in an impactful way, cultivating enduring engagement in the arts.

Arts Across Campus (AAC) Launched in 2001 to assess and improve the existing arts on campus (AAC) presents an annual comprehensive arts program. The program may include a combination of the following in a given year: concerts, theater, lecture, film, rotating art exhibits, and permanent public art installations. This initiative is also characterized by partnerships with successful arts organizations such as the CNY Scholastic Arts, Arts in Higher Education, Symphoria Syracuse, Syracuse Stage, The Society for New Music, and by collaborations with local, regional, and national artists, including OCC students, faculty, and alumni. 

Past events include "Tibetan Buddhist Sand Mandala," Sandra Piques Eddy, Mezzo Soprano, George Takei’s “Allegiance the Musical" Anderson Twins, Poet Andrea Gibson, Martha Graham Cracker Ensemble, and Syrian- American Nabil Mousa Exhibit.

The Arts Across Campus Committee

  • David J. Rudari, D.M.A. (Co-Chair): Associate Professor, Music
  • Brian P Cirmo: Associate Professor, Art & Photography
  • Farlie Firari, Ph.D: Assistant Professor, English, Integrated Learning Studies & Communication
  • Linda Herbert: Instructor, Electronic Media & Communications

Call for proposals

Have a great idea for a curriculum-related arts event on campus? Faculty and Faculty/Staff partnerships are invited to submit proposals for the 2021-2022 Arts Across campus season. Proposals should seek to enhance student knowledge of diverse creativity through exhibits, concerts, lectures, and performances. For more information, contact David Rudari at 

Regular Proposal 

Mini-Grant Proposal

Questions? Contact David Rudari at