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CannabisHub Program

Gain knowledge that will allow you to enter the Cannabis industry or become an educated consumer and maximize your experience with cannabis.  Our courses are at your reach no matter your location — a few hours and an internet connection is all you need!  

Instructors bring their knowledge and experience right to you. You'll learn from Doctors, Cultivators, Dispensary professionals, and much more.  With 90% of the curriculum pre-recorded, you can learn on your time with the flexibility to stop and come back later.



Important Info

These programs are non-credit, online, self-paced cannabis education and training certificates.

Access to your course content will be granted within 1 business day of purchase.  Please check your email for a message from Cannabis Hub at OCC containing your login information.

Contact with any questions related to accessing the course. If you have any questions about the course content, please contact the School of Math, Science, and Engineering.

Cannabis Cultivation Science



The Cultivation Science workforce certificate provides the student with specific knowledge in the areas of horticulture, cannabis growth, pest remediation, and the science of the glandular trichome. 

Price: $1,000 + $62.50 Registration Fee.  No Refunds.  Register for Cultivation Science

Basics of Cannabis Horticulture

This course develops a beginner’s understanding of horticulture and plant life diversity. It covers the basics of soil science, the soil food web, and how to apply these basics to grow and propagate cannabis.

Lectures: 4
Duration: 2 Hours

Intro to Cannabis Cultivation

This program provides the foundation to grow medical-grade cannabis. Text and video support lectures that are designed in a way that can benefit novice and experienced cannabis growers.

Lectures: 5
Duration: 2 Hours

Grow Environments & Outcomes

This course reviews proper techniques and guidelines for the ideal grow environment and how to diagnose deficiencies that may develop from environmental unbalance. Equipment and controls will also be reviewed.

Lectures: 4
Duration: 1 Hour

Pest Remediation

Many pests affect cannabis production facilities and pest remediation skills are necessary to manage indoor, greenhouse, or outdoor environments. This course reviews the major steps to develop your own IPM plan (Integrated Pest Management) as well as monitoring, prevention techniques and identification, which will enhance the productivity of plants.

Lectures: 4
Duration: 1 Hour

Glandular Trichome Science

Harvesting cannabis is mostly determined by the maturity of the trichome which produces all cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids of the plant. This course defines glandular trichome head, the location of the trichome head on the plant, the production of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, the anatomy of the trichome, maturity levels, and the distinct types of glandular trichome heads.

Lectures: 3
Duration: 45 min


Cannabis Dispensary Training



The dispensary training workforce certificate provides the student with specific knowledge in the areas of dispensary operations, CBD, the history of cannabis, advocacy, and terpenes and cultivars. 

Price: $675 + $42.73 Registration Fee.  No Refunds.  Register for Dispensary Training

Cannabis Basics & The Dispensary Experience

Industry-experienced pharmacists will cover Defining Cannabis, Components of Cannabis, Cannabis and the Human Body, Effects of Marijuana, Warnings and Precautions, Forms and Administration, Dispensary Operations, Inside A Dispensary; and summarize each lecture with assessment questions.

Lectures: 11
Duration: 2 Hours

Know Your CBD

This course will illustrate the basic concept behind the medicinal aspects of CBD. Concepts explored include the history and science of cannabidiol, CBD compared to THC, the medicinal potential and how best to use cannabidiol. Students will learn how to dose CBD, and side effects to look out for.

Lectures: 12
Duration: 2 Hours

History of Cannabis

This course covers the uses of cannabis and its cultural importance, the prohibition of cannabis and subsequent cannabis law reform.

Lectures: 3
Duration: 45 min

Cannabis Advocacy

This course will guide you through the responsibilities, legislative requirements, and how to voice your opinion in the cannabis space.

Lectures: 2
Duration: 30 min

Terpenes & Cultivars

Dive into the science behind terpenes and how these medicinal compounds interact with cannabinoids to modulate the effects of a particular cultivar.

Lectures: 8
Duration: 1.5 Hours


Cannabis Extractions



The extraction science workforce certificate provides the student with specific knowledge in the areas of edibles, mechanical extractions, ethanol hydrocarbon extractions, CO2 extractions, and post processing. 

Price: $950 + $59.46 Registration Fee.  No Refunds.  Register for Extractions

Cooking with Cannabis

Taught by a top cannabis chef in the industry, you will get step-by-step instructions on topics such as dosing, decarboxylation methods, flower and concentrate infusions, tinctures, recipes and meal pairings.

Lectures: 12+
Duration: 3 Hours

Mechanical Extractions

In this course, you will learn solvent less methods, to extract the purest THC, dry sifting, Full Melt Bubble Hash, and Rosin Techniques. Solventless Extraction Equipment and tools will also be reviewed.

Lectures: 4
Duration: 1 Hour

Ethanol/Hydrocarbon Extractions

If you are curious about cannabis extraction, this is the course for you. This course covers Ethanol and Hydrocarbon extraction equipment, extraction procedures, safety standards and solvent recovery.

Lectures: 3
Duration: 1 Hour

C02 Extractions

Learn about the processes that are shaping legal cannabis products. This course reviews thermal dynamics and transport properties with C02 as well as the step-by-step extraction process.

Lectures: 3
Duration: 1 Hour

Cannabis Post-Processing

This course will examine all processing and refinement methods of cannabis. The curriculum reviews the concepts of nucleation, winterization, fractional distillation, isolation, hydrodynamic extractions and sonication.

Lectures: 3
Duration: 1 Hour