Coronavirus FAQ's

FAQ’s – Onondaga Community College’s response to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 

What is OCC doing in response to COVID-19? 

  • In an effort to help manage the spread of the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, and in conjunction with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s announcement and guidance from SUNY, Onondaga Community College will be moving to alternate format instruction on March 23, 2020. In-person class meetings have been suspended for the entire spring semester.

What does alternate format mean? 

  • Any course that was scheduled for face to face meetings, on the main campus and at OCC @ Liverpool, will be offered in other formats from March 23, 2020 through the end of the spring semester.  Your faculty member will determine what alternative format will be used during this period and you should make sure to check your OCC email and Blackboard account to receive this information from your faculty member(s).  Other formats for instruction might be online, phone, alternate assignments, etc. This will be determined by faculty.  

What about my clinical placement or internship? 

  • Clinicals have been suspended by suspended at the hospital sites. Internships are based on your employer. 

Is the entire college closed during the spring semester? 

  • The situation with Coronavirus is changing quickly. As of 3/30, OCC has officially moved most staff members to working away from campus through April 30th.  As a reminder, all OCC classes will be moving to online or distance learning starting Monday, March 23rd. OCC is here to support our students and the community. For more information, visit You can also ask questions using our website chat, email, phone, or contact us on social media. 

What about Community Education classes? 

  • Community Education classes will also need to be moved to other methods of delivery during this period.   

Is my event still taking place on campus? 

  • Events will not be taking place on campus during this period.  These events will either cancelled or postponed to a later date.  Check with your event organizer for further details. 

If I live in the Residence Hall can I come back to the halls after Spring Break? 

  • Due to ongoing public health concerns, the College is offering limited in-person services for the residence halls through March 31.  Full services are available via telephone and online.  Prior to attempting to return to the residence halls, students are requested to contact us to discuss their individual needs.  Students who need access to the residence halls to pick up their belongings are welcome Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., or by appointment. Use the email [email protected] or call (315)498-2351.

    As of March 17th at noon, the Lazer Line will not be making regular trips. Please contact Campus Safety and Security if you need to utilize this service.

    As of March 19th at 5 P.M., guests will not be permitted in residence halls to observe social distancing rules. 

Is the OCC Lazer Line still running? 

  • Yes, the OCC Lazer Line will be running a shuttle throughout Spring Break and during the alternate format period.  Service will be changed to on-demand though so in order to request transportation on the Lazer Line you will need to contact Campus Safety  

Where do I go for further information updates about COVID-19 and OCC’s response? 

  •  This website will be updated continuously with information on this topic.  Also, please be sure to check your OCC email and Blackboard accounts to receive information from your faculty members and the college. 

Are you a student, or guardian of a student, who is studying at OCC on an F1 visa?

  • For all students here on an F1 visa, we have a staff member ready to assist. Please contact Meghan Peryea of International of International Student Services by email at [email protected]

What is happening with athletic events and student events during this period? 

  • Athletic competitions and student events will not take place during this period.  These will also be assessed on the same timeline as face to face classes as stated above. 

What do I do if I don’t hear from my faculty member, or have questions that are not answered by the website? 

If I have a work-study job on campus can I come to work? 

  • From now through at least April 30th, student workers should not work.  We will try to find a way to have them work extra hours later to make up for this period of time.  If you decide not to continue in your work-study position during this period that is understandable, and we look forward to having you back to work in the future. 

Is the YMCA still open? 

  • The YMCA will be closed until further notice but childcare operations will remain open.

Is the Children’s Learning Center still open? 

  • Yes, at this time the Children’s Learning Center (CLC) is still open for business as usual.  If you are a parent of a child enrolled at the CLC you will continue to receive updates from the Director of the center regarding the status of the center and recommendations from the New York State Department of Children and Family Services.