Direct Deposit Instructions

Enrolling in Direct Deposit is quick and easy and there is no fee to enroll!

The College issues financial aid and student account/tuition refunds by Direct Deposit.  Direct Deposit eliminates the chance that your check will be lost, misdirected, or delayed during delivery.  Your refund will be electronically transferred into the bank account of your choice and you will have access to your funds sooner.

Please follow the steps below to complete the Direct Deposit enrollment process:

1. Go to the OCC Students website:

Current Student Website

2. Click on the “MyOCC” link in the upper left corner:

(Image of Button) MyOCC your student account, grades, etc.

3. Sign in with your OCC user ID and password:

Sign in with OCC user ID and password


4. Select the “Banking Information” link:

MyOCC Homepage (Left Column: Student Finance, Tax Info, Employee. Right Column: Financial Aid, Banking Info, Student Planning)


5. Click on the “+Add an Account” button:

MyOCC Banking Info - Add Account Button

6. Activate the “Refund, Reimbursement & Payment Deposit” toggle and click “Next”:

Activate the “Refund, Reimbursement & Payment Deposit” toggle

7. Complete the “Edit Bank Account Details” form.   Double check the routing and account and all other information.  Review the “Terms and Conditions, check the “I agree...” box and click “Submit”:

The “Edit Bank Account Details” Form