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Name Job Title Department Room Location Phone Email
Bahns, Megan Director of Student Support Se Student Coach & Advising Netwo C209 315-498-7223 [email protected]
Bailey, Laura Adjunct Faculty Broadcast Media Communications W150 315-498-2321 [email protected]
Bakeman, Jo Anne Adjunct Faculty Human Services/Teacher Ed M296 315-498-2635 [email protected]
Baker, Todd Enterprise Application Admin Information Tech Services S112 315-498-2979 [email protected]
Ballard, Mark Instructor Assistant Broadcast Media Communications W150 315-498-2322 [email protected]
Barney, Debra Assistant Director of Housing Residence Life G130A 315-498-2446 [email protected]
Barstow, Jacqueline Coordinator of PTK Honors Honors & PTK Program C204 315-498-2490 [email protected]
Barton, Marie Job Readiness Coach JOBSplus! [email protected]
Bartowski, Emily Events Specialist Advancement Communications A230 315-498-2289 [email protected]
Batyuk, Roman Adjunct Faculty Nursing [email protected]
Bauder, Deborah Adjunct Faculty Library [email protected]
Bauer, Scott Instructor - Temp Electrical Technology [email protected]
Baum, Carol Adjunct Faculty Mathematics [email protected]
Beckley, Ryan Assistant Professor Automotive Technology W176 315-498-7200 [email protected]
Benati, Christina Adjunct Faculty Nursing [email protected]
Bendura, Maria Team Leader JOBSplus! [email protected]
Bendura, Tracy Job Readiness Coach JOBSplus! [email protected]
Benetti, Robert Adjunct Faculty Hospitality Management [email protected]
Bennett, Richard Custodial Worker I Custodial S104C 315-498-2099 [email protected]
Benzing, James Adjunct Faculty Public Safety Institute [email protected]
Berg, Mary Professor Nursing F105A 315-498-2362 [email protected]
Bergamo, Jennifer Professor Mathematics M210K 315-498-2329 [email protected]
Berman, Patricia Adjunct Faculty Physical Education [email protected]
Bertsch, Perry Adjunct Faculty Mech Tech/Eng Graph [email protected]
Besanson, Christopher Custodial Worker II Custodial S104C 315-498-2099 [email protected]
Beyer, Kristen Digital Content Specialist Marketing & New Media R403 315-498-2285 [email protected]
Bice, Carolyn Associate Professor English, ILS, & Communication M310R 315-498-2683 [email protected]
Birnkrant, Sharon Adjunct Faculty Liberty Partnership [email protected]
Bisnett, Cheryl Typist II English, ILS, & Communication M310 315-498-2262 [email protected]
Blagg, Michael Adjunct Faculty Automotive Technology [email protected]