Withdrawing vs. Dropping a Course

There is a difference between dropping and withdrawing from a course.

Dropping a course

Dropping is only during a specified time during the beginning of the course (see Academic Calendar for specific dates) and after the drop occurs, the course will not appear on your transcript.

How to Drop

To drop the course prior to the semester starting, or within the first week of the semester, please login to WebAdvisor.

Withdrawing from a course

Withdrawing is when you remove yourself from a course after the first three weeks of classes (less time for half semester courses, see Academic Calendar for specific dates). A W will appear next to the course on your transcript and does not affect your GPA.

Important: The timing of the drop or withdrawal can impact your financial aid and/or financial responsibility to the College.

How to Withdraw

All students wishing to withdraw from a course or to drop a course after the first week of classes need to meet with a representative to discuss academic and possible financial implications. To withdraw from a course, contact Student Central at 315-498-2000 or [email protected] or contact the Advising Center and they will assist you. 

Students who miss the deadline to withdraw due to extenuating circumstances can petition for a late withdrawal.

Further information on the impact of drops and withdrawals can be found in the Academic Rules section of the College Catalog.

The College shall post these dates for each term, and deadlines for courses shall be adjusted proportionally.