OCC Fall Semester Plan

OCC Fall Semester Plan

The impact of the pandemic has necessitated numerous changes to support students and to ensure safety for all members of the campus community. These changes include: 

  • All learning spaces have been measured to determine maximum allowable density.

  • Schedules for labs that require in-person, hands-on learning are staggered for density purposes, allowing all students the opportunity to receive in-person instruction time from faculty as they normally would.
  • Some classes are a combination of in-person and remote. For example, a class with 18 students which meets three days a week may have 6 students in-person Monday, a different 6 students in-person Wednesday, and a different 6 students in-person Friday. Students not in physical attendance will interact with the class and their professors virtually and in real-time. If a student becomes ill, he or she will be able to keep up with classes and coursework from a distance.
  • Some classes are delivered entirely remotely—either in real-time or in traditional online formats where students participate on their own schedule.
  • All residence hall bedrooms are singles (one student per room). There are no doubles or triples. Students living in suite-style units will continue to share common spaces in those suites in small, “family-style” groups.
  • One of the College’s four residence halls will remain empty and reserved for quarantine purposes, if necessary.
  • Students will move into residence halls during a staggered, four-day period in mid-August. Students will undergo a health screening upon arrival.
  • Starting in August, two of the campus’s three entrances will be open and everyone who comes to campus will undergo a brief health screening every day. Students living in residence halls will also be screened daily. Screenings will continue as long as recommended by New York State.
  • All classrooms, residence halls, and campus common areas are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis.

In addition, all on-campus instruction will conclude prior to the Thanksgiving break, and any activity following Thanksgiving until the end of the semester will be done remotely so that students do not travel and then return to campus. 

Please note that the reopening plan below is subject to change due to new information, guidance and/or direction from the state