Fresh Start Program

The Fresh Start program offers borrowers who have federal student loans which are currently in defaulted status two opportunities to get their defaulted loans back in good standing with their lender/servicer.

  • If you are currently enrolled or plan to re-enroll in school before Fall 2024:
    The Fresh Start program allows you to regain your eligibility for Federal Title IV financial aid including Pell grant, Federal Work Study, and Federal Direct Student Loans. Loans currently in defaulted status would be returned to good standing such as "in-school deferment" or "forbearance".
    1. Complete the FAFSA Application for the appropriate academic year
    2. Complete Borrower Acknowledgement via link below.
  • If you are NOT enrolled and do NOT plan to return to school before Fall 2024:
    The Fresh Start program requires you to work directly with the US Department of Education or Loan Servicer to clear your defaulted loans status during the 1-year period which ends on December 31, 2023. Under this program, you would be able to consider options such as income-based repayment plans or Federal Direct Loan consolidation with the US Department of Education or one of their approved loan services. Please be aware consolidating your federal student loans with PRIVATE loan companies may cause you to lose some benefits and you are strongly encouraged NOT to do so. You may view the details about your defaulted loans and obtain contact information for your loan service via using your FSA ID and password.

We encourage you to act promptly to get your defaulted loans back into good standing. Do not delay!! The Fresh Start program window is only available now through the end of Summer 2024. For full details, open the Fresh Start Fact Sheet here: 

Fresh Start Information Page

Fill out the Fresh Start Borrowers Acknowledgement Form: