Week of Giving April 10–14!

Every dollar helps a student BELIEVE in their dream! Our goal is 1,500 donors — help us get there.

Advocate and Give

Why give to OCC?

Community is our middle name. As CNY’s partner in education for success, OCC has a direct connection to the success of the local community. Did you know 85% of our graduates live and work within 25 miles of campus? Be a part of something great and see the difference outside your own front door.

Students walking on campus


During our Week of Giving, through your generosity and effort, OCC students directly benefit in one of the following ways:

Contribution Student Benefit

A two-week bus pass to get to class


5 meals over the course of the week


Internet access for a month


Most textbooks and school supplies


A laptop for school and career development


A week of childcare coverage


Your dollar will champion accessible, affordable higher education that enriches your local community.

  • 58% of our students are the first in their family to go to college.
  • 51% have lived in low-income housing.
  • 65% of our students drop a class because they cannot afford the textbook.

Your dollar will remove barriers and provide students with:

Access to support


Opportunities to grow skills to join the workforce


Pathways to a Bachelor's Degree

Start Planning

Visit our campaign page and...

  1. Consider a contribution to our goal
  2. Become an advocate: Click on [Become a Fundraiser].
  3. Create your profile page and tell your OCC story — Why do you support our students?
  4. Extend social media outreach by sharing and commenting on posts by the College
  5. Identify your own network of friends, family, and business associates that can also spread the message through their social media, emails and texts.

Learn More

Give us a call (315) 498-2831 or email Russ Corbin, Director of Alumni Relations and Community Connections

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