Global Maker Day Challenges

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Pick one or more challenges to complete then share it on Twitter or Instagram using #OCCmakers and #GlobalMakerDay. (More maker activities and presentations available at the Global Maker Day website:

  1. Make a toilet paper roll functional.
  2. Using TinkerCad (, design a personalized keychain (don’t forget the hole for the key ring!).
  3. Make something that does something useful using only recyclable items.
  4. Fit yourself through a single index card.
  5. Using only Legos, create one of the following (Don’t own Legos? Borrow our in-library use bin available at the 2nd Course Reserve Counter):
    • A Halloween inspired creation
    • First initial of your name
    • A bridge for a mini-figure to cross
    • Blaze
    • A library inspired creation

If you successfully complete a challenge and share it on social media by Monday 10/18 @ 11:59PM, you will be entered into a raffle for a Google Play or iTunes gift card.