Living on Campus

Experience a new side of OCC

Wake up and grab breakfast with your friends or study for your midterm in the lounge. When you live on campus, you have access to exclusive activities and events for residential students, convenient drop-in sessions with support services, and so much more. Explore what we have to offer!

It's more than just a room. Reslife comes with some serious perks like staff on-call, friends next door, and front desk services like delivery and rentals. 


Take a look through one of our halls with Renard and see how you could style your space. 


It's all here

Each hall comes with front desk services with individual mailboxes and delivery plus furnished rooms with beds, mattresses, closets, and two stackable dressers per student. Let's break down the unique features of each.

Residence Halls A & C

For 1st & 2nd year students

  • Suite-style living
  • Single & double rooms
  • Lounges & kitchenettes on each floor
  • Vending machines
  • Laundry facilities

Residence Hall B

For 2nd year students only

  • Apartment-style living
  • Single, double & triple rooms
  • Kitchenettes & living rooms in-suite
  • Lounge on the first floor
  • Laundry facilities

Shapero Hall 

For 1st year students only

  • Traditional-style living
  • Single & double rooms
  • Shared bathrooms, kitchenettes, and lounges on each floor
  • Fitness Room
  • Lazer Line shuttle service
  • Laundry facilities

Fun & Games

All work and no play isn't our style. That's why our staff puts together trivia nights, game tournaments, and many other activities to help you meet other students in your hall while forming teams and winning prizes. 
Borrow board games, Kan Jam, cards, and more right from the front desk to make some memories with your friends.

Picking a Room

Dorm room in Res Hall C

Your living experience can be tailored to you in a few different ways. 

  • Pick from a single, double, or triple room
  • Select your lifestyle preferences in the application or pick your own roommate
  • Live in one of our special interest communities: music, social justice, health & wellness, or gender-inclusive housing

For full instructions and extra help, just check out our How to Apply page.

The Social Justice Community at OCC is a community of students who want to learn about social activism, inclusivity, and identity development as individuals and as a community. The social justice community is for students who are interested in addressing social, political and economic injustices, as well as learning about how to become an active part of the solutions through community engagement.

The Health and Wellness Interest group is designed to be a holistic experience that allows students the opportunity and support, to explore and grow in different aspects of wellness. This interest group is ideal for students who have a passion for healthy living, outdoors, sports or recreation. This interest group offers students an opportunity to pursue a wellness-focused living environment within their residence halls with others who share this lifestyle. Living with other students that share your passion in an environment that promotes wellness in all aspects–physical, emotional, intellectual, and social - is an unmatched opportunity for personal growth.

Whether you are a music major or someone who just loves music, the Music Community is for you. The community is geared for students who have a passion for music and enjoy spending time with friends while jamming to their favorite tunes. The goal of the community is to establish meaningful social connections and support systems among students who have an interest in music.

Gender Inclusive housing is an open community that allows students and allies of all gender identities to reside in a community together where they can learn and support each other around the topics of inclusion and LGBTQ+ issues.

If you are part of the Lillian Slutzker Honors College at OCC, or if you are an academic high achiever coming from high school with at least a 90 percent average, you are eligible to select the Honors Community as a residential option. This is not intended to be a 24-hour study community, but a lively community of high achievers who can rely on each other for motivation, support, and shared ambition to achieve personal and academic goals. If you are serious about your education and you are interested in working toward your short and long-term academic goals with a community of like-minded peers, then the Honors Community may be for you. Please visit Honors for more information and the online application for the Lillian Slutzker Honors College.


"Moving to OCC was one of the best decisions that I ever made because it allowed me to develop myself as a better student, individual, and leader." Eleanor Petrucco, '21

Eleanor Petrucco

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