Instant Admit Day

Take your next steps

Join us for Instant Admit Day! On select days from 9 am to 2 pm you can connect with an admissions expert to get you set up for fall.  Format is up to you; we can do video chat or over the phone.  This event is for both new and current students.

Here's what you'll accomplish that meeting:
  • Finish your admissions application (if you need to)
  • Get advised and register for classes
  • Get help with financial aid

Don't stop now - keep your education on track.

Dates Registration
July 23 Sign Up
July 31 Sign Up
August 4 Sign Up
August 11 - Extended Hours (12 pm - 7 pm) Sign Up
August 14 Sign Up
August 18 - Extended Hours (12 pm - 7 pm) Sign Up
August 21 Sign Up