Institutional Learning Outcomes

An education at Onondaga inspires students to:


  • Skills and acquire knowledge that will benefit them in their academic, professional, and personal lives                
  • Responsible ways to gather information and use technology
  • Effective ways to exchange ideas with others


  • Critically about problems and creatively about solutions                                                                                               
  • Carefully about their own ideas and the ideas of others
  • Earnestly about how they relate to other people and the world around them


  • In ways that demonstrate and promote good citizenship                                                                                                                          
  • Ethically in their academic, professional, and personal lives      


First-Year Learning Outcomes

OCC’s faculty and staff recognize that the first year of college is of critical importance in preparing our students to achieve their academic and career goals. The college’s First-Year Learning Outcomes are intended to guide the campus in developing, implementing, and assessing programming that aims to support our students as they start on their path to success. The campus has identified four broad areas of focus that are essential to the Onondaga experience: Skills for College Success, Academic Inquiry, Community Connections, and Living Well. Each of these domains and their related outcomes align with Onondaga’s Institutional Learning Outcomes as well as the college’s mission to serve as Central New York’s partner in education for success.

Skills for College and Career Success

Onondaga provides a variety of opportunities and campus resources for first-year students to develop the habits, strategies, and skills necessary for college and career success.

Outcome: Students will develop problem-solving and time-management skills and demonstrate information and technological literacy.

Academic Inquiry

Onondaga supports the pursuit of knowledge gives inside and outside of the classroom. First-year educational programming introduces students to the intellectual life of the college and their place within it.

Outcome: Students will develop the habits of mind necessary for lifelong learning and identify the purpose and significance of their academic community and its curriculum.

Community Connections

Onondaga helps students cultivate a sense of place. Members of the campus community embrace diversity and inclusion and engage in civil discourse inside and outside of the classroom.

Outcome: Students will develop a sense of belonging in the OCC community and participate in co-curricular programming within their academic community.

Living Well

Onondaga’s first-year programming provides opportunities and resources that facilitate personal responsibility, self-management, and healthy living.

Outcome: Students will identify the habits that contribute to a balanced lifestyle and understand how personal responsibility, self-management, and healthy living impact student success.