Important Mask Wearing Reminders

Woman standing in front of rest hall b wearing a mask with her arms folded

The weather is getting colder Lazers and that means cold/flu season is coming in addition to our current COVID-19 crisis. It will take all of us to keep our community safe. Here are some important reminders about the mask-wearing policies on our campus. 

When/Where do I wear a mask? 

At all times while on the OCC Campus. The only exceptions are as follows:

  • While eating in the cafeteria when socially distant 
  • In your private room in the residence halls 
  • Alone in your assigned workspace 

How should I be wearing my mask?

Masks help stop the spread of COVID-19 to others, but only if they are worn properly. According to the CDC, your mask should: 

  • Have two or more layers of fabric 
  • Be worn over your nose and mouth and then secured under your chin 

When wearing a mask, pay special attention not to make any common mistakes below such as: 

  • Wearing it around your neck 
  • On your forehead 
  • Under your nose 
  • Only on your nose 
  • On your chin 
  • Dangling from one ear 
  • On your arm 
Chart that shows 7 different ways not to wear your mask, including as a chin strap, only over your nose, dangling off your ear, place on your arm and more


Not recommended as face coverings are gaiters and bandanas.  

If you have any questions about COVID-19 safety procedures at the college, visit our COVID-19 communications website