Lazer Love: Jess Rodriguez and Justin Hussey, '16

Justin and Jess laying on the OCC Softball Turf with their Dog

Jess Rodriguez came to OCC to play softball. Justin Hussey came to play lacrosse. But along their journey at OCC, they found each other. 

Jess and Justin met during their 2nd year at OCC when they were assigned to be RAs in H-3 (now Shapero Hall). They instantly bonded over their love of sports, but at first Jess wasn't sure she wanted to be more than just friends. As the year went on though, her feelings for him deepened and she discovered that Justin felt the same way. They started dating on April 1st, 2016 which they would constantly joke about in the years after since it landed on April Fool's day. 

They've been together ever since despite sometimes being physically apart while studying at different colleges. Then, around a month ago during a family photo shoot, Justin popped the question. Jess remembers that moment very vividly. "Justin and I decided to take a couple pictures and when we were done he asked if there was anything else I wanted to do and I responded no. Justin said 'well there is something I want to do' and started to reach for his pocket. I looked at him and said 'what're you doing?' and he turned around with a ring and I immediately started sobbing." Of course, she said yes! 

The wedding is slated for May 28, 2021 in what will hopefully be a post-COVID-19 world in Rochester, NY. Because they went to OCC, Justin and Jess had talked early on in their relationship about celebrating the place where they met at their wedding. Their engagement photos were taken at OCC, their wedding colors will be OCC colors (Navy Blue & Carolina Blue), and they are trying to incorporate as much softball and lacrosse imagery as possible. After the wedding, they plan to honeymoon in the Philippines or take a cruise. 

When asked what would be next as newlyweds, Jess responded: "We are planning to have at least 2 children, that will hopefully share our love for sports too!" 

The couple couldn't be more grateful for their time here. "We each loved our 2 years there as athletes and active members of the campus environment and constantly reminisce about the great times we had. We’re so thankful for our opportunities to attend and play sports at OCC. Once a Lazer always a Lazer!"

Justin and Jess with their dog and an Onondaga Sign in the background