Reporting a General Academic Concern

A general academic concern can be defined as when a student is dissatisfied with a decision, act, or condition affecting him/her, relating to a specific course, instructor or department and is NOT covered under the Academic Rules. Students should review the Academic Rules first to make sure this is the appropriate process for their concern. 

Process - Department Level 

Step 1 A student with an academic concern shall request a conference with his/her instructor and shall bring to that conference all material pertinent to that discussion. The goal of this meeting is to allow an opportunity for both parties to have a constructive conversation outside the classroom. This meeting allows the student to communicate the concern, the instructor to respond, and a resolution and/or plan of action to be made. If the student is not comfortable meeting with his/her instructor, OR the instructor has not responded to the student’s request in a timely fashion, the student may ¬present the concern (in writing) to the department chairperson (Step 2).

Step 2 In the event that no resolution can be reached at this conference, the instructor shall refer the student to the Department Chairperson. If the Chairperson is also the student’s instructor, that Chairperson shall refer the student to the Chief Academic Officer, who will appoint another department member to act in the capacity of the Department Chairperson. (Report of General Academic Concern)

Step 3 The Department Chairperson shall meet with the student to review the concern, and then with the instructor. The Department Chairperson may call a meeting with both student and instructor present. Upon completing the meetings, the Chairperson will inform the student of the Departmental Decision. 

Appeal of Departmental Decision to Chief Academic Officer (Provost)

Step 1 The student shall prepare, and submit to the Chief Academic Officer, a written statement of what is being challenged and why. (Appeal to the Chief Academic Officer)

Step 2 The Chief Academic Officer shall appoint an Administrative Officer to facilitate the process.

Step 3 The Chief Academic Officer shall review the student’s statement, the departmental resolution, and all documents used in the departmental decision. The Chief Academic Officer may schedule a meeting with the student, instructor, chairperson, or advocates, if any. After completing his/her review of the case, the Chief Academic Officer shall inform the student, instructor and/or chairperson of his/her decision. 

The decision of the Chief Academic Administrator is final.

If you have a question regarding the process to report a general academic concern, please contact Academic Affairs at 315-498-2594.