M1: Refund of Tuition and Fees

Responsibility for Maintenance: Financial Services

Date of most recent changes: April 14, 2014

I. Policy Statement

A student who officially withdraws may obtain a refund of tuition as and to the extent provided in this policy. 

II. Reason for Policy

This policy is designed to ensure that Onondaga Community College processes requests for refunds of tuition and refundable fees in accordance with applicable regulations promulgated by the SUNY Board of Trustees in accordance with Article 126 of the New York State Education Law.  

III. Applicability of the Policy

This policy applies to requests by current and former students for refunds of tuition and refundable fees. Student Accounts is responsible for responding to such requests should be familiar with the requirements of this policy.

IV. Related Documents  

New York State Education Department Regulations, 8 NYCRR Part 602.11 

V. Contacts

 Subject Office Name Title or Position Telephone Number Email/URL
Requests for Refunds Student Accounts   (315) 498-2367 studentaccounts@sunyocc.edu 

VI. Procedures  

Requirements for Refunds

Tuition will be refunded by Student Accounts based upon the day as of which the withdrawal is effective, in accordance with the following schedule:   

Semester (9 Week Term or greater)

Student Liability:

Prior to first day 0
During the 1st Week 25%
During the 2nd Week 50%
During the 3rd Week 75%
After the 3rd Week 100%

8 Week Term or Less

Student Liability:

Prior to first day 0
During the 1st Week 75%
During the 2nd Week 100%
During the 3rd Week 100%
After the 3rd Week 100%

For purposes of this policy, refunds shall be determined by reference to the number of calendar days that have elapsed from and including the first day of the course or, with respect to full semester courses, from and including the first day that classes are offered for that semester. To obtain a refund, the withdrawal must be certified by Student Central following submission to that office using Web Access, by mail, or in person. The date of the official withdrawal determines the percentage of tuition and fees which will be refundable. When effective withdrawal is done by mail, the postmark date is the official withdrawal date. No money will be refunded unless application for refund is made within one year after the end of the semester or course for which the amount requested to be refunded was paid to the College.   


  1. Military Service
    A student who withdraws to enter military service prior to the end of a course or academic term will be entitled to a full tuition refund for those courses in which the student does not receive academic credit. The term "military service" means full-time active duty in the Army, Navy (including Marine Corps), Air Force, Coast Guard of the United States, or qualifying National Guard duty during a war, other military operation, or national emergency as defined in Section 5 of the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students (HEROES) Act (Public Law 108-76).  Enlistment under a delayed enlistment plan does not constitute "full-time active duty" until the student is required to leave school on the effective date of active duty as stated in the student's orders. A student who is a member of a National Guard, Army, Navy or Air Force Reserve unit that is not called up for full-time active duty (as defined above) is entitled to a refund only if, in the judgment of the Senior Vice President of Student Engagement and Learning Support, the student is unable to attend classes due to hardship beyond the student's control and the student has made bona fide efforts to permit continued class attendance. Documentation of membership on active duty in the military service shall be provided to and retained by the College. In the event that a refund is granted to a student in National Guard or reserve status, documentation of the reasons for such action shall be in writing and retained by the College. The foregoing exception applies only to tuition and refundable fees due from the student himself/herself, as opposed to tuition and fees paid by the federal government on the student's behalf (to which federal regulations on return of such funds apply).  
  2. Recipients of VA Benefits
    A student who is receiving Veterans Administration benefits under the Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act of 1952, Pub. L. No. 82-550, 66 Stat. 663 (1952), and is enrolled in a non-accredited program shall not be charged on withdrawal in excess of the approximate prorated portion of the total charges that the length of the completed portion of the program bears to its total length, and shall be entitled to a refund of any amount paid in excess thereof.
  3. Involuntary Dismissal
    A student who is dismissed for academic or disciplinary reasons prior to the end of an academic term or course shall be liable for all tuition and fees due for that term or course. 
  4. Amounts Collected in Error
    Tuition and fees collected in error or in amounts in excess of the required amounts may be refunded regardless of the date of withdrawal, provided that the refund request is submitted within the time frame otherwise required by this policy.
  5. Hardship
    When a student has withdrawn due to extenuating circumstances which justify an exception to the refund schedule above, he or she may appeal through the Tuition and Fee Appeal Form. Tuition appeals are only considered in adherence with New York State Community College regulations, section 602.11. 

Approved by OCC Board of Trustees April 3, 2006

Updated and approved by the President January 19, 2010

Updated and approved by the President April 16, 2012

Updated and approved by the President April 14, 2014