C8: Transcripts

Responsibility for Maintenance: Registration and Records; Financial Services

Date of most recent changes: June 26, 2023

I. Policy Statement

Onondaga Community College will issue official transcripts to students upon receipt of a proper request and payment of the requisite fee. The transcripts of students found responsible after a conduct process for violations that constitute a crime of violence as defined by the Clery Act (20 U.S.C. 1092(F)(1)(F)(I) (I) – (VIII)) and suspended or expelled for said violations shall be notated as described in Section VI below.

II. Reason for Policy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act imposes certain restrictions on the College’s ability to release education record information such as that set forth in a transcript. This policy is designed to ensure that the College responds to requests for transcripts in accordance with FERPA.

III. Applicability of the Policy

This policy applies to requests by current and former students for official transcripts. Personnel in the Registration and Records Office and Student Central responsible for responding to such requests should be familiar with the requirements of this policy.

IV. Related Documents

V. Contacts


Office Name

Title or Position

Telephone Number


Requests for Official Transcripts

Student Central


(315) 498-2000



VI. Procedures

Requests for official academic transcripts must be made through the Parchment Storefront or at the Student Central counter by the current or former student to whom they pertain.

There is a fee per transcript. The fee must be submitted with the request, and there are no refunds once the fee is submitted. Once a request is received the transcript will generally be issued within 1-4 business days.

Students that are found responsible and suspended or expelled for serious violations of the Student Code of Conduct may receive a permanent transcript notation. Campuses must make a notation on the transcripts of students found responsible for crimes of violence including, but not limited to, sexual assault and conduct which lead to the death or serious physical injury of another person. Notations shall read "Disciplinary Suspension" or "Disciplinary Expulsion." Transcript notation for expelled students is permanent. Transcript notation for suspended students is also permanent unless the student submits a written request to remove the notation. The transcript notation will be removed one year after the suspension period ends. If a student withdraws from the college while a disciplinary matter is pending, a hold will be placed on the student's record until adjudication of the disciplinary matter.

VII. Forms/Online Processes

Approved by OCC Board of Trustees April 3, 2006

Updated and approved by the President April 13, 2010

Updated and approved by the President September 29, 2015

Updated and approved by the President July 10, 2019

Updated and approved by the President January 31, 2022

Updated and approved by the President June 26, 2023