D9: Possession, Storage and Use of Weapons on Campus

Responsibility for Maintenance: Campus Safety and Security

Date of most recent changes: June 19, 2015

I. Policy Statement

The possession, storage and use of weapons on campus is strictly prohibited. The only exception to this is the possession, storage and use of weapons by on-duty uniformed law enforcement officials or sworn law enforcement officers who are in civilian clothing and who are on campus for official purposes and provided that they notify Campus Safety and Security.

In the case of an instructor wishing to utilize a facsimile weapon for classroom instruction, individual approval will need to be granted through the Campus Safety and Security office prior to the facsimile weapon being brought on campus.

II. Reason for Policy

This policy is intended to promote the safety of the College community.

III. Applicability of the Policy

All members of the College community should be familiar with this policy.

IV. Contacts

Subject Office Name Title or Position Telephone Number Email/URL
Questions regarding policy Campus Safety and Security   (315) 498-2478 CampusSafetyDepartment@sunyocc.edu


Approved by OCC Board of Trustees April 3, 2006

Updated and approved by the President June 19, 2015