F7: Proper Placement of Postings

Responsibility for Maintenance: Facilities

I. Policy Statement  

Postings (including flyers, posters, stickers and similar items) may not be placed directly on windows, doors, display cases, stair rails, walls of public corridors or other surfaces not specifically designated as approved posting sites. The College will make appropriate devices available for standard communications (e.g., bulletin boards, insert sleeves, cork boards, etc.). Non-damaging adhesives will be made available and can be obtained by calling Facilities.

The walls inside faculty offices as well as faculty office doors and common areas within office suites, considered an extension of classroom communication tools, are exempt from this policy.

II. Reason for Policy  

This policy will assist the College in maintaining a safe, comfortable physical environment that is non-threatening and conducive to learning while also promoting a positive image of the College.

III. Applicability of the Policy  

This policy applies to all Onondaga Community College faculty, staff and students.

IV. Contacts  


Office Name

Title or Position

Telephone Number




Assistant Director of Facilities

(315) 498-2179



Approved by OCC Board of Trustees April 3, 2006