About the OCC Foundation

About the OCC Foundation

Founded in 1980 and led by a Board of Directors, the OCC Foundation serves as the primary fundraising arm of the College and is a not-for-profit charitable organization. The OCC Foundation manages nearly 150 funds and this past year alone, awarded more than $850,000 in support to students. In addition to scholarship support, the Foundation raises funds for programs and projects that enrich the OCC experience and opens new opportunities for the campus community. When you support the OCC Foundation, you are making a statement that you believe in the importance of a quality, affordable education for everyone. Your contribution directly impacts the lives of our students and plays an essential role in our ability to fulfill our mission. Thank you.

OCC Foundation Board of Directors

  • James Seeley, Esq. - Board Chair
  • Mary Snyder, Esq. - Vice Chair
  • Nancy Bottar- Secretary
  • Alex Henn - Treasurer
  • Joe Chemotti - Asst. Treasurer
  • Dennis Hebert ’67 - Immediate Past Chair
  • Tony Baird
  • Ronald Belle
  • Rickey Brown
  • Casey Crabill, Ed.D.
  • Emily Durand
  • Sarah Gaffney
  • Terry Hopkins
  • Jeff Knauss
  • Glenn LaPoint ’16
  • Alan Marzullo
  • Kelsey Moody
  • Dr. Kevin Moore
  • Wayne O’Connor
  • Jonathan Parry
  • Dr. Emad Rahim ’16
  • Edward Riley ’78
  • Maryann Roefaro
  • Dr. Juhanna Rogers
  • Neil Strodel ’73

Director Emeriti

  • Sandra L. Baker ’80
  • Alicia Calagiovanni, Esq.
  • Karin Franklin-King ’69
  • Jim Holland
  • Peter King