OCC Advantage

What is OCC Advantage?

OCC Advantage is a college and career readiness program for high school students at partner schools from households with an Adjusted Gross Income of $125,000 or less who maintain eligibility in the OCC Advantage program throughout high school. Students will be eligible to receive program funding associated with matriculation in an associate degree program at Onondaga Community College, provided the student enrolls at Onondaga full-time within one year following high school graduation from District and is eligible to receive federal and state financial aid. OCC Advantage program funding is applicable only during fall and spring semesters and lasts for a maximum of two years.

How to earn funding through the OCC Advantage program:

In High School

  1. Sign up for OCC Advantage as a high school freshman through your school's guidance counselor.
  2. Stay in school and maintain required average and attendance minimums.
  3. Complete the required community service.
  4. Complete all required college readiness programming.
  5. Apply to OCC by March 1 of your senior year. 
  6. Complete the FAFSA, apply for TAP, and Excelsior Scholarship by May 15 of your senior year.  

Once You're at OCC

All degree programs at OCC are covered by Advantage- pick your passion!

  1. Participate in orientation program. 
  2. Stay in school! Complete 30 credits per academic year at continuous full-time status (taking at least 12 credits) for 2 years. 
  3. Maintain the following cumulative GPA (on a 4.0 scale) each semester:
    • First Year: 2.2
    • Second Year: 2.5 
  4. Complete the FAFSA, TAP, and Excelsior applications every year by May 15.
  5. Participate in at least one service-learning course, college service activity, or internship each year. 
Questions? Shannon Nolan, OCC Advantage College Connection Coach at s.m.nolan2@sunyocc.edu

Who is eligible?

Partner Schools:

*Please note if you attend a school that is not one of our partners, you are not eligible for this program. 

Important Notes

  • Your eligibility at OCC is tracked by your OCC Advantage Coach.
  • If you don't meet all the requirements while at OCC, you'll lose your funding. There is no appeal process. You will not have to pay back previous funding. 
  • To meet the credit requirements, you can take summer and winter session classes. However, those will not be covered by Advantage funding.