Private Loans

What is a Private Loan?

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A private, or alternative, student loan is a nonfederal loan made by a lender such as a bank, credit union, or state agency. There are many considerations a student and family should take when deciding if a private loan is the best option for them. Students and parents can use any lender of their choice.

If a student does not have an established credit history, they will likely need a cosigner to apply with them. It may be in the student’s best interest to secure a cosigner before completing a loan application, as multiple applications may result in multiple inquiries on their credit report.

Finding & Researching Private Loans

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If you have already taken advantage of federal grants and loans and still find the need for funds, keep in mind the following tips and guidelines when selecting a lender. Always borrow conservatively and only borrow what you need. Students are strongly encouraged to research available lenders and to ask the following questions:

  • What is the interest rate? Is it variable or fixed?
  • Will I need a cosigner?
  • What are the fees associated with taking the loan?
  • How will the funds be dispersed?
  • When does interest begin accruing?
  • When will repayment begin, and what repayment options are available?
  • What will my estimated monthly payment be?
  • If I am having difficulty making payments, what options do I have?

Preparing to Repay Private Loans

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