Who is eligible

OCC's PTECH program participates with the following school districts:

What is PTECH? 

PTECH stands for Pathways in Technology Early College High School. It's a program that lets high school students earn an Associate's Degree while they're earning their high school diploma, and work for a local business after graduation. 

Course options vary by high school, and include Electrical Engineering Technology, Health Information Technology (at Henninger,) Mechanical Engineering, CIS (Computer Information Systems,) and RPAS (Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems, or drones.)

If you're interested in PTECH, be sure to talk to your high school's guidance counselor. Classes start before your freshman year, so getting signed up before the end of 8th grade is a must. 

Monia Towne, Coordinator of Early College Pathways –
Oswego PTECH Contact Hailey Warren, Assistant Director of Early College Pathways –

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Real Students, Real Stories

Andru is a P-TECH student who earned his associates in just three semesters. He earned credit taking tech-related classes at OCC while still attending high school. “The program was very good for me. I really enjoyed professors Woody Everett and Tab Cox.” Andru began work at United Radio while attending OCC; he’s now at TTM Technologies.