ResLife Policies & Tech Guides

Evacuation and Fire Alarm Procedures:

  1. Assume all fire alarms are real fires! Never ignore alarms.
  2. Stay calm and evacuate the building via the nearest safe exit. It’s important to know at least two ways to exit your building from your room in case one exit is blocked by fire.
  3. Warn others. Wake up your roommate. On your way out, use a pull station to sound the alarm if it’s not already ringing.
  4. If the hallway is smoky, crawl low in smoke.
  5. Use stairwells, not elevators.
  6. Once you are outside, STAY OUTSIDE. Move at least 50 feet away from the building to allow the fire department easy access to the building.
  7. Go to your building’s designated meeting place so you can be accounted for. Let staff know if you know someone is still inside.


Wait for the crowd to pass, and then move to an area near a safe stairwell for evacuation. (Area of Refuge). Have someone notify Campus Safety and Security of your location and stairwell address.


  1. If you can, call 911 on your cell phone or Campus Safety and Security at 2311 on the Campus phone and let them know your situation and location.
  2. Keep the door closed. Seal cracks and vents with towels to prevent smoke from coming into the room.
  3. Signal out a window for help.

Prevention is key

  • Candles, fireworks, explosives, charcoal/gas grills, oil lamps, incense or any combustible device (i.e., Gasoline, benzene, flammable liquids, chemicals) or anything with an open flame is prohibited inside any campus building.
  • Smoke outside only in parking lot locations that are at least 50 feet away from the hall. Smoking is not permitted inside the Residence Halls.
  • Avoid using hot plates, George Forman grills, or any other cooking appliance in your room.
  • Never leave cooking food unattended. • Don’t hang tapestries or posters from the ceiling. • Don’t run cords for appliances, cable line, or extension cords under your rugs.
  • Know how much voltage your power strip can hold and don’t overload it. Multi-plug outlets are not permitted.
  • If you know of someone who is thinking of setting a fire, notify a staff member immediately. • Halogen lamps or other high-intensity lamps are not permitted.
  • Live-cut Christmas trees and flammable decorations, neon signs and strings of lights (including Christmas and rope lights) that do not meet URL requirements are not permitted.
  • Pulled alarms and false alarms create student apathy. Never pull an alarm as a prank.
Fire and Safety Coordinator On campus, dial 2594 | Off campus, dial 498-2594
Smoking is strictly prohibited in the residence halls. If you are found to be smoking in the residence halls, you will undergo the student conduct process and face potential expulsion from the halls. 
For more on the college's tobacco policy, you can view Tobacco Free OCC.

Connect to the Residence Hall Wireless

All Residence Halls have full wireless coverage for student and staff use. All users will need to accept the Terms and Conditions and authenticate using their college provided username and password.

  1. On any device, connect to "Lazer Open"
  2. You will be directed to the Terms and Conditions splash page. Once you accept the Terms and Conditions, select “Resident” and enter your OCC email address and password.
  3. If you are not directed to the enrollment portal please open a web browser and type the following:
  4. Login and generate a key. Name your device (ex. “Sean’s Xbox”) then select “Continue."
  5. You will be presented a unique key (This will be 8 lowercase letters).
  6. Connect device to "Lazer ResNet" and Enter the unique key previously generated.

Congratulations! You are connected to the Onondaga Community College ResNet Wireless Network.

Once successfully connected to “Lazer ResNet”, make sure to “forget” the enrollment open network “Lazer Open” to prevent auto-connecting in the future.


When calling, the support team will NEED the following information:

Contact name, phone number and email, device type, location, nature of the problem, and MAC address of device (unique device identifier that looks like e.g. 01-23-45-67-89-ab). 

Occasionally some devices (i.e. game console, Roku, Apple TV, Alexa, Google Home) will not have a web browser or devices just won’t connect for some reason. For support and assistance with connectivity, please reach out to our wireless support team by email