Leaving OCC before you’ve graduated?

Reverse Transfer Graphic

If you’re transferring to another institution, you can transfer coursework back to OCC to complete your degree!

  • Check Student Planning to determine what course(s) you’re missing
  • If you register for the equivalent of this course at your new institution, you can transfer that back to OCC
  • Students must complete a minimum of 24 credits at OCC to graduate


Going to a SUNY school?

Fill out the SUNY Reverse Transfer Request. Your new institution will submit your transcript, and we’ll review it:

SUNY Reverse Transfer Request

Going to a non-SUNY school?

After you’ve completed your remaining coursework, have your new institution submit your transcript to transfereval@sunyocc.edu. We’ll review it and add the transfer credit to your record.

Send an email to gradcentral@sunyocc.edu (Include your OCC ID) once you’ve sent your transcript. This will let us know that you want your record reviewed for graduation!