Reverse Transfer

Leaving OCC before you’ve graduated?

Reverse Transfer Graphic

If you’re transferring to another institution, you can transfer coursework back to OCC to complete your degree!

  • Check Student Planning to determine what course(s) you’re missing
  • If you register for the equivalent of this course at your new institution, you can transfer that back to OCC
  • Students must complete a minimum of 24 credits at OCC to graduate


Going to a SUNY school?

Fill out the SUNY Reverse Transfer Request. Your new institution will submit your transcript, and we’ll review it:

SUNY Reverse Transfer Request

Going to a non-SUNY school?

After you’ve completed your remaining coursework, have your new institution submit your transcript to We’ll review it and add the transfer credit to your record.

Send an email to (Include your OCC ID) once you’ve sent your transcript. This will let us know that you want your record reviewed for graduation!