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The Division of Student Affairs at OCC is the branch that focuses on and works with students to foster their growth and prepare them for success. We do this by coordinating programs and services that support our students in major ways, including personal, financial, and fulfillment needs. Our goal is to create and maintain an engaging and safe campus environment that has an appreciation for the diversity present on our campus and in our community. 

Welcome Letter from the Dean of Students

Hello Lazers,
We are honored that you have chosen Onondaga Community College!  Despite the many challenges we all experienced last year, you persevered during a pandemic and took the initiative to join us to further your education.  You are ready for this next step, and we are here to help you.  


Recently, you have received several messages dedicated to COVID, but I want you to know that COVID is not our primary focus…YOU are. With college presenting new opportunities and challenges, I have a few tips to help you succeed at OCC: 


  1. You have been assigned a success coach within your School who is trained to help you through your program.  They should have already reached out to introduce themselves. Your coach will be your point person until you graduate.  Take advantage of this person’s knowledge and caring.

  2. We have LazerLink peer mentors who can help you adjust to campus life.  You already may have signed up to be paired with a mentor, but if you missed our invitation you can get connected by clicking HERE (https://onondaga.mentorcollective.org/register/onondaga-college/mentee).

  3. Be sure to get your books before classes start:  do not try to “get by” without them.  Our Box of Books program is designed to save you money and to work with financial aid.  Even better, we have found that OCC students who have their books from the start of classes are more likely to succeed academically than those who do not.

  4. As much as you can accomplish on your smart phone, college-level work requires a computer.  Computers are available for use in campus labs, for purchase through the Box of Books program, or for loan from our Library (located in Coulter Hall).

  5. Get a handle on your $$. Talk to Financial Aid to make sure you are getting all the money that is available to you. Our Student Central team is trained to help you make a financial plan so that your financial aid lasts the whole semester.  Feel free to talk to them.

  6. GO TO CLASS!!!  Seems obvious, right? College-level courses cover more material in less time than you may be used to from high school.  Class lectures and discussions are where you get the information you need to stay on track.  If a professor sees you putting in the effort to do well, they will be able to help you when you need it. 

  7. Talk to your faculty so that they can help you!  Our professors keep “office hours” each week, which is time that is set aside for student appointments.  These office hours will be listed in the “syllabus” (think road map) for the course.  You will receive the syllabus at your first class meeting or through D2L Brightspace, which is an online environment that supports each of your classes.  Student computing information is available here:  Student Computing Info | Onondaga Community College (sunyocc.edu)

While you are here, be sure to take time to enjoy the experience. Like anything else in life, there will be good days and bad; there will be classes where you excel, and classes where you struggle. Whatever happens, know that you can do this. And, when you find yourself in need of a little support, We’ve Got You!!  At OCC, we embrace the diversity of our students and their contributions to our community. So, come as you are because YOU are the strength of our campus. 


I can’t wait to see you on campus in a couple weeks and before long walking across the stage at graduation.


Kindest regards,
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Dr. Scott Schuhert

   Dean of Students



M-F 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM